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The August 140 Show with Node and Matter
August 30, 2011 05:52 PM PDT
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And so the end of the summer...or was it? Perhaps more of a continuous Autumn, either way, tear yourself away from stupid weather and look over here instead..It's the 140 Show! We're back with a little helping of dark, techy, muddy, ghastly and 4/4-ey(?) beats from Node and a selection of mental Juke styles from our Guest DJ, Matter. Matter, soaked in Hip Hop essence, here shows the crazy effects that music has had on Dance musics latest bizarre offspring in the form of Juke. The 140 Show did throw in a little taste of a certai DJ Rashad way back at the end of 2010 and now, some, perhaps many of you may now be familiar with this footworking, Chicago hailing mishmash of hip hop samples, electronic weirds and junglish speeds that can also fit right into some slower hip hop beaterage. It's not for everyone but here at the 140 show we're open to the kind of craziness it offers up. See for yourself as Matter throws in a whole load of that, some Amens and washes it down with a gulpful of Classic hip hoppery just briefly making an appearance at the end. Shouts to everyone keeping on in the support for wherever this show is willing to venture to...it's a total genre-defying two fingers to anyone desperately tryin to make sense of what the hell anything is supposed to be anymore. We modestly would like to recommend letting go of the railings and seeing where Bass/Dance music in its entirity can take you. If you ask me it's a whole lot of mad fun out there at the moment, if you ignore politics that is. Which here we shall do winking


Intro Tune - Amon Tobin -Surge


1. Apparat - King of Clubs
2. Shackleton - Deadman
3. Breach - Fatherless (T Williams Remix)
4. Boddika - Boddika's House
5. Unknown (Yoj Nosibro) - Sicko Cell
6. Photek - UFO (Addison Groove's Almost Headhunter Remix)
7. Hardrive - Deep Inside (Pearson Sound Refix)
8. SCB - Loss
9. Hyetal - Diamond Islands (Boddika Remix)
10.Blawan - Getting Me Down
11.A Made Up Sound - Rear Window
12.Pearson Sound - Stifle
13.ASC - Oort Cloud


1. Gil Scott Heron - H2OGate Bues
2. DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad - Space Juke
3. DJ Rashad & DJ Ty- My white tee
4. DJ Rashad - Whos Da coldest
5. Africa Hitech - Out in the streets (VIP)
6. Africa Hitech - Out in the streets
7. Africa Hitech - Looking for the one
8. Om Unit - Prawn Cocktail (Salva Remix)
9. Hudson Mohawke - Black n Red
10.Cypress Hill - I want to get high
11.Gangrene - Standing in the shadows
12.Kashmere Iguana - Matterdrop

The 140 June/July Show With Dlay and Morris Cowan
July 12, 2011 02:39 AM PDT
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After a lenghty hiatus due to Charles's Mainframe being uprooted to another deep cavern we are finally proud to bring you two fine mixes from some outstanding shiny talent. Prepare for some uber chunky house styles from Dlay, co-owner of the Sud Up Recordings label. Sud Up Recordings was set up in 2009 by Dom Ahtuam (aka Dlay/Syndrome) and Justin Berman as an outlet for their own productions. Here Dlay shows off some cheeky beats and the 140 Show is more than happy to have them for your perusal. Check their mixtape seesions here>>> http://suduprecs.com/sud-up-mixtape-sessions

Alongside this we're eager to also present Morris Cowan AKA Adam Taylor, Music Producer of admirable talents, he's been playing with the bigboys with mixes for Mixmag and Sonic router and the toast of Soundcloud back in May. His debut album 'Circa' dropped also quite recently and can be found here>>

His mix here consists of some rather lovely beats and blends and balances nicely with Dlays so the 140 Show was rather eager to have them both together as we think you'll agree they sit rather nicely together once they could finally be extracted from Charles's electronic face.

Wack the sound up, nod your head and enjoy, muchos thankage to both and to you listeners, the tracklist is below.


1. JiMMi Hendrik - Take it Back (Tom Lown Remix) - Sud Up Recordings
2. O.O.R.S Recordings - Bicentinia - Output10.2
3. Clandestine - Balance (Alvaro Ernesto Remix) - Thema
4. Syndrome - 103 Sessions - Sud Up Recordings
5. Roy Gilles - Come on groovin - Apparel Music
6. JiMMi Hendrik - What Do You Expect? - Sud Up Recordings
7. O.O.R.S Recordings - R32 - Output 10.2
8. Nathan G - Right On, Right On - Luvbug Recordings

Morris Cowan

1. echologist - swell (modular take) [steadfast]
2. deetron & ripperton - out of frame [music man]
3. darko esser - clean slate (lucy remix) [curle]
4. najemsworb - not only [ai]
5. versalife - aurora strain [clone west coast series]
6. claro intelecto - round & round [modern love]
7. paul mac - odd things about nothing [applied rhythm technology]
8. morris cowan - magnetor [zaubernuss]
9. andrea - got to forget [daphne]
10. nathan fake - clifford 2 [whatpeopleplay]
11. pantha du price - welt am drat (animal collective remix) [rough trade uk]

The April/May 140 Show
May 10, 2011 05:32 PM PDT
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We're happy to have on this month, 2 DJ's of admirable talents in their choice of music and construction of their mixes. First up is Martin Hewitt who we had on the show early back in 2010 here with a choice selection of Techno and breaks from across the last ten years. Martin's had this mix in the back of his mind for some time now and we're glad to be able to provide a decent platform for all y'all out there (My best Texan impression right there, which has no connection whatsoever with either Martin or the mix but there you go).
Our second guest is DJ Simm, providing a mix here in contrast to Martin's all vinyl selection using the magic of Traktor software to bring us some cutting edge beats of the generalised Bass music variety and dropping a couple of classics in there for good measure. I first came across Simm's DnB mixes on the Northwest Drum and bass website (www.Nwdnb.co.uk) and also on the now defunct (but never forgotten) ichipromotions site where I was first allowed to drop some mixes myself on their radio shows. Simm can turn his hand to anything and as you will hear the progression to the sort of music on display here is, although very different in terms of tempo and mood, still retains a deepness and intensity that past DnB always displayed.
So there you have it, thanks as always for showing the 140 love wherever we may strive to in the various genres, keep locked as we continue to explore the depths that rugged dance music still has to offer.


Martin's music for blokes mix

1. Hellfish - Viper Breakz
2. The Wee DJ's - Trash
3. Dot Allison - I Think I love You (Radioactiveman Instrumental Mix)
4. Percy X - Break It Down
5. Murray Richardson - Alive (David Duriez Mix)
6. Sir Drew - The Everything Woman (Switchkraft's Sans Mute Mix)
7. Jonny L - Super Bionic

(Node + Charles' Commercial Break)

DJ Simm

1. Anstam - Albert
2. Marcus Intalex - 21 (Again)
3. Boddika - You Tell Me
4. Instra:mental - 8
5. A Made Up Sound - Demon
6. Lennie De Ice - We Are i.e.
7. Untold - Anaconda
8. Boddika - Warehouse
9. Liquid - Sweet Harmony
10. Addison Groove - Footcrab VIP
11. Pariah - Detroit Falls

The March 140 Show
March 27, 2011 08:07 AM PDT
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March, and as the clocks go forward so does the 140 Show, this month bringing you the sounds of Teutonic Kaboom, here with a cracking selection of ice cold electronic corkers, techy dubstep rhythms and demonstrating an eclectic collection of goodness that is a decent representation of what Teutonic's all about. Node follows up with a spectrum of bass music, starting out on a more laid back tip, throwing in a bit of the highly underrated Tipper for good measure before launching into the more upbeat thumping sounds out there at the moment. Get your headphones out or wack it up high on your stereo, either way your ears will thank you. Shouts out again to all you listening, it'd be pointless without y'all. Charles would shake you all by the hand if he had any. Which he doesn't.

Teutonic Kaboom

1. Anstam - Brom
2. Objekt - Tinderbox
3. Boxcutter - Brood
4. Skream - Rollin kicks
5. Carsten Jost - a certain kind
6. Ikonika - Video delays
7. Planetary Assault Systems - x speaks to x (Al tourettes & Appleblim rmx) 8. Jimmy edgar - Hot raw sex (instra:mental rmx)
9. Icicle - Anything
10. Subeena - Picture
11. Scan one - Sub prime
12. Andrea Parker - Nintendo love (Scanone rmx)


1. Pearson Sound - Higher
2. Ital Tek - Babel
3. Tipper - Reality Harshness Defender
4. Kingdom - Bust Broke
5. Koreless - MTI
6. Gravious - Lodestone
7. Relocate - Origins
8. Jamie Grind - Without You
9. Cosmin TRG - Seperat
10. Instra:mental - When I Dip
11. Pearson Sound vs Hardrive - Deep Inside (Pearson Sound Edit)
12. Midland - Play The Game (Dexter Remix)

The 140+ Show feat. Nanny Banton and Meecha
February 26, 2011 11:46 AM PST
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A 140 Show special this february...taking a jump in speed to the heady heights of Jungle and Drum and Bass. Nanny takes us back with the aid of some jungle weight hoisted out of his crypt of records and demolishing the decks in the process.
We're happy to then have DnB Stalwart, Meecha on the 140 for a special serving of utterly disgusting tunage in the form of cutting edge filthy Drum and Bass.


Nanny (http://soundcloud.com/nannybanton)

1. Dead Dread VIP
2. The Burial - Levictus
3. Unkown VIP
4. RIP - Remarc (Remarc Remix)
6. Menace - Remarc
7. Nuh ease up - Shy Fx feat. Mc. Det
8. Down With the Lights - Logo (?)
9. Unknown from flex records (test Press)
10.Renegade Lighter - White lion Soundsystem
11.Dreader than Dread - Soundmurderer
12.Gimmer the loot - Dj Hype
13.Triumph - Wu Tang Clan
14.Ride the punanny - Bagga worries

Meecha (http://soundcloud.com/meecha)

1. DLR & Octane - Drone of Zion
2. Break Feat. SP - Resistance
3. Raiden & Meth - John Wilson Project
4. Total Science & S.P.Y - Favela
5. Dawn Raid - Phat Buster
6. Break - Too Much
7. Siren - Ghostrider
8.<<< Top Flight Security - The March
9. Meth Feat. 2SHY - Smell The Fear
10. Calyx & Teebee - Follow The Leader
11. Dom & Klute - Buy More Now
12. Task Horizon - Focused Locust
13. Raiden - Alpha Centauri
14. Cliffhanga Feat. Kid Colt - Final Assault

The 140 New Year Show
January 10, 2011 05:45 PM PST
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Happy New Year to all you keeping tuned in to the show, massive response this month so many thanks once again for those checking it feel free to share the show with friends and dogs alike. Just Node on the case for the beginning of the year with a whole heap of bass music bizzle and just a touch of complete randomness for good measure. We've got some massive mixes that will be appearing in the next few months, including a huge increase in the bpms for a jungle/DnB rinseout forthcoming from Fire Sessions Junglist Nanny Bad man and some filthy DnB from Top Flight Security man Meecha. We'll be bringing out a series of mixes containing all sorts of musical goodness from hereon in so stay tuned as there will be plenty of different styles to be getting your teeth into. For now, sit back and enjoy the mix (And a small cameo from our Robot-host Charles).



1. The Node who fell to earth-tro
2. Benny Ill + J.King - Lithium Soular
3. Arkist + Komanzmuk - Outbreak (original Mix)
4. Jack Sparrow - The Chase V.I.P
5. Horsepower Productions - 22
6. Digital Mystikz - It
7. V.I.V.E.K - Motherland
8. L-Vis 1990 + T. Williams - Stand Up
9. Baobinga + Mensah - This One's Wavey
10. SBTRKT - The Unspoken
11. Ital Tek - Moment in Blue (Ikonika remix)
12. Swarms - Hypnotize
13. Phaelah - Fallen Light
14. Zomby - Digital Fauna
15. Kelpe - Margins
16. Gatekeeper - Visions

November 140 Show
November 28, 2010 10:05 AM PST
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Welcome once again to the 140 Show. As temperatures drop rapidly outside, highbrows follow suit as Node and Mathmatics drop a quantity of Bassy smashers. Some old, some new and some completly devoid of any tracklisting...Sit back and enjoy the despicable winter 140.


*No Tracklisting, COMPUTER SAYS GET OUT*


1. Black Sun Empire - The 405
2. Phaeleh - Untitled 333
3. Mensah - Stapleton Road. (VIP)
4. Dark Sky - Something to Lose
5. Ekelon - Asian Blades (RSD Bristol Blades Rmx)
6. High Rankin - Feel for you
7. Tek One - Broken String
8. Stenchman - Licking the Envelope
9. Blue Daisy Vs Tokimonsta - USD

September/October 140 Show
October 12, 2010 04:47 PM PDT
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This month we welcome Tramshed onto the show for a mix up of various quality tunes, slowing the tempo down somewhat and including a big range of Funky and Future Garage for your curious ears. Node follows on a similar tip by adding the merest dash of Techno and the swagger of Dubstep for kicks and Biggles. Please note there is a heavy Ramadanman flavour this month across the mixes and this is mainly due to a severe glut of dopeness from him which is out at the moment. Big shouts again for all you peoples listening in and checking the show we are glad you continue to smiley

Peas (Node)


1. Kingdom - Fogs (Night Slugs)
2. Mr Mageeka - Different Lekstrix (Numbers)
3. Kode9 - You Don't Wash (dub) (DJ Kicks)
4. Ikonika - Aqueous Cream (Hum and Buzz)
5. Lil Silva - Against Yaself (Night Slugs)
6. Jam City - Ecstacy Refix (Night Slugs)
7. Cooly G - Dis Boy (DVA's Hi Emotions Remix) (DVA Music)
8. Ramadanman - Glut (Hemlock)
9. Optimum - Max Power (Planet Mu)
10. Bok Bok - Citizen Dub (Blunted Robot)
11. DVA and Fatima - Just Vybe (Hyperdub)


1.Skream Vs g.Squad - Assumptions Remix
2.Ramadanman - Tempest
3.STP - The Fall (Peverelist Remix)
4.Ortin Cam - Omerta
5.DJG & Headhunter - Spacecakes
6.TRG -Horny
7.Headhunter & Gatekeeper - Jellyfish
8.Ramadanman - Work Them
9.Ikonika - Psoriasis
10.Undergraduate Resistance - Grime3
11.Truth Feat. Ben Verse - Under Current
12.Midland - Play The Game